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Sep 3, 2009
Hi I put 2 eggs with a broody hen app 3 wks ago. 3 days ago the other hens (who up to this point had not bothered the nest) took one of the eggs and the chick and killed it. I took the other egg into the house and put it in an incubator. Since I don't know the age for sure how do I know if this egg is still viable? I candled it and it looked to be at least 18 days, I didn't see any movement while candling it. What should I do. I have not opened the incubator for 3 days and thought I saw the eggs move last night, but I might just be wanting it to move. I know I saw movement the first day for sure I just am not sure now. The other chick was fully formed, a little short of feathers on the rump, but looked to be close to hatching.
I was really hoping I would get some help from some of you that have had a lot of experience. I would really like some advice. I have heard no peeping coming from the egg, but still believe I have see some movement yesterday.
I agree...there's not too much that can be of help to you yet. I know how frustrating/exciting the hatching process is, though. Just hang in there!

What are the settings on your incubator and what type are you using. If they were about 18 days old when you set them, then you are right to leave the incubator be, but should have your humidity in the 65% range at this point. You should be around hatch day, if it has been three days, but some can be a little slow. If you still see nothing after Day 23, I'd probably try a water test, then open it up. You might even wait to Day 25 or so, if you'd rather.

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