Newbie Panic Incubator lock down question

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    Nov 25, 2012
    Hello everyone. I'm new here and also pretty new to hatching chickens. Here's my first post with my history.

    Anyway, I'm about to transfer my silkie eggs off of the turner and into egg cartons for their last three days. I'm using the Little Giant still air 9200 model. This is my second hatch, my first was several years ago and was Easter Egger chicks. I can't find the book that came with my incubator. The lady I bought my hatching eggs from told me not to remove second red air plug during these last 3 days or during the hatch. My panic is that the incubator has TWO of these red air plugs. Both have been in the entire time. My question is was I supposed to have had one out during the first 18 days? I've read that the chicks need more oxygen during hatching, but the seller recommended leaving the SECOND air plug in so not to take a chance with the temp or humidity changing drastically. I'm confused! Both plugs are in now and I need to get the eggs situated for lock down. Please advise.

    Thank you
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    FROM DAY ONE, I keep the two plugs open and if the humidity dropped just a tad I would put ONE back........ DEF have both open during hatching, you will find that once they start hatching your humidity will jump. Dont panic your ok, what is done is done.... both plugs should come out 18.

    Good luck!!! keep in touch!! Come on peeps!!
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    Agreed ^^^

    Once you open the plugs though, keep a good eye on the temp and humidity.

    I also keep both plugs open from day 1 because I found out the hard way that the temp and humidity will drop after you pull the plugs out and if you're like me and don't pay attention, it could cause a drastic cool down in the incubator.

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