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    Apr 5, 2012
    Hello, we currently have 7 hens and 1 Americana rooster. We read up alot on incubating and hatching our own chicks, and 24 days ago we placed them in our bought Little Giant still egg incubator with fan convert and automatic turner. We candled them at 7 days and 14 days and seen some veining but no movement. We decided that it would be best if we left them in the bator and do no more candling, until day 18 they looked to be "full" So we put them in lock down as its says to do and we waited. By day 22 I became very impatient and wanted to look at them. Upon candling them we saw no movement and no more veining. We decided to let them in for a few more days because if sounds as tho that is what you should do and the inside did look very dark and yet still all 8 eggs had a great looking air sack . I was very careful about keeping up our temps and humidity just right. (99.5-102 and humidity at 50-65 percent thru the first 18 and 65 to 80 percet on the last three) Today my husband and I decided to break open the eggs because curiousty got the best of us.... 6 out of the 8 had small embryos stuck to the shell where the other 2 seemed to be infertile. Im so upset and Im not sure what we did wrong... Can anyone help with some suggestions. Id really like to start another batch but Im afraid of the same thing happening. Why would they stick like that and not grow?

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    We want somes peeps in PA
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    Im sorry that happened, I dont know what happened, but I hope it goes better next time!

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