Newbie, set eggs 2/28/13

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    Got it into my head that the only way I could find some Black Copper Maran chicks was to get the eggs and try our first incubation. Found a guy on Craiglist about 20 miles from home and waited for 10 days for him to get a dozen eggs collected.

    Got home late Thursday night on the 28th and we set the eggs in a incubator we had set up the night before and my husband keep a lookout on the temp, thankfully it was not to difficult to get it to stay right about 99 to 101. We tried to candle the eggs at about 5 days but could not see a thing since the eggs are so dark.

    We have left the eggs alone (other than day 5 when we tried to candle one), checking the temp and humidity and not opening the incubator.

    Tonight (3/19/13) we removed the turner and added additional distilled water. Hearding cheeping and am all excited, BUT...

    Again started reading all the threads and wonder what all we have done wrong. What are the chances that we will get a couple to hatch?

    Any suggestions at this late stage? What all should we be doing at this stage, other than leave the incubator alone.

    How long should we wait before we know a egg has not thrived since we can't candle. Or any suggestions for candling dark brown eggs? We weighed each egg and maked each egg but didn't remember to weigh the eggs when we removed the turner and added water about 2 hours ago, should we weigh them now? I have no desire to mess with the eggs just to mess with them, only if it would be best to know which eggs might have a chance.
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    If you set them on the 28th then they're only on day 19-20. I'd just leave them alone and wait - hard as it is. If you need to add more water try to do so without opening the lid (mine had a hole that I could use a straw and syringe). Small differences in temperature can even cause them to hatch a little late - although if you heard peeping yours might even hatch a little early.

    Keep us posted! [​IMG]
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    I try not to count the first day I put them in and don't worry I had 6 eggs hatch out of 6 but it was on days 22/23

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