Newbie with an LG in LA with temp issues


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5 Years
Apr 12, 2014
Marion, LA
My eggs looked okay when I candles Saturday on day 6, but our weather is crazy. With that being said... I have an LG styrofoam bator with a fan which I cannot keep at the "perfect" 99.5. I have read and read and can't find a solution. I have the bator in a confined space with a heather set at 75 (it is 1 foot above the bator so the bator is never actually in 75 degree temp). My temps are ranging from 97.4 to 100.9. Two thermo/hygros -one reads higher by .5.
this is the most stable environment I have for the incubator.... Does anyone have any other suggestions????

I have an assortment in my incubator, most had veining/ movement on day 6 but several clears.


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