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Okay so I have one little chick all the others that developed dead in the eggs. Pepper hatched last night at 25/26 days. There was poopish blobs hanging down - now I know from the navel thanks to the forum. I snipped it off no blood - the chick kept stepping on it and I thought snipping was better than the pulling. So most of the morning the chick was very vocal now not so much and it still seems very floppy with still a very crooked neck. Earlier today I had thought the navel was the vent (I know very stupid) and tried to wash the rest of the crust away - it wouldn't wash and once I figured out it was the navel I stopped and applied a little iodine around the edge and put some Neosporin on it. It isn't really protruding or bleeding. So I am very nervous about this little one and whether it is okay being so floppy and the neck most of the time is bent like it would have been in the egg but just not as much. And the way it spralls out with the neck turned to rest just looks like you'd expect to see it dead. Needless to say this is our first and probably only time. So I have gotten the pedialyte and it seems really interested in it although I don't know how much it actually got with me trying to put the drops on the side of the beak and it flopping around. It is peeping a little bit now but is back in that strange position. If I can figure out how I will post a picture. I have sent to the store for the infant vitamins without iron to add. One really dumb question is the first poop really liquidy colored white slightly tinged yellow or do I have something else going on?

any advice is most welcome I really want this little trooper to do the best it can!


The first picture is about as straight as Pepper gets. Sorry about the coloration - I'll try turning off the red lamp next time. The discolored spots are the pedialyte. What do you all think? I added the infant vitamins to the pedialyte and I think some go in.

thanks, Lois
now have a tiny bit of poop that looks dark green black - just a little but now I am at least less worried about the white pasty liquidy stuff that had come out of the vent when I was holding it trying to give the pedialyte.
the dark greenish poop is normal and exactly what you want to see from their first poops. After a few days it should be more normal brown/tan colored. How long has it been since the little guy hatched out? Sometimes if hatching takes a long time from pip to zip they can get that cramped neck look like this one has until their body gets a chance to straighten out. I would put the pedialite in a very shallow dish so it can get to it whenever it wants. My best advice would be to continue doing what youre doing and give it some time. I've had ones that look similar to this one and after a day or so they straighten out, hopefully this one does.
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It hatched out last night 8-9ish and had pipped by about the same time the night before. I had to help the little guy out as it seemed long and the membrane kept drying out. It also pipped on the side of the egg I think a little low for the air cell but maybe not. I don't know if the others were shrink wrapped this is my first time but when I opened a couple of the ones that looked fully developed the membrane looked very dry and stretched inside the egg but this is day 26/27.

With regards to the dish, Pepper doesn't get around in any coordinated or purposeful way he mainly moves backwards and rolls a lot. I think the only liquid he is getting is what I give through the eyedropper and I am not sure how much that is and when I put him over at the waterer and put his beak in. How long should it be before they stand up fully without rolling back and move forward?

thanks, Lois

BTW he is peeping quite a bit now you can't say he isn't a trooper!
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I set the eggs on a Saturday evening so not sure whether to count then, either way this one pipped on Wednesday and hatched Thursday so 25 or 26 days if count to hatch 24 or 25 if to external pip.

I had two that looked like this. I just made sure to give them water every 3 hours and the following day boiled an egg let it cool to room temperature, then have them the yolk. I noticed a worlds of difference! Good luck x

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