Newbie with picture of first flock of chicks!


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May 17, 2012
Hello all. I am brand new to raising chickens and am very excited. I have been lurking for some time but thought I would introduce myself and my new chicks. I have two RIR, one buff orpington (I think) two silkies and one that I think is a Barred Rock. The silkies are three weeks old and the others about ten days.

Congrats!! Cute chicks, have fun with them
Welcome and ohhh so cute !!! I hope you wont take offence to a little unasked for advice.. .. I recently lost a chick that drowned in a water dish like that so now I always add marbles. Free advice take it or leave it .. they are adorable and I am quite certain your black one is a barred rock one of my all time favorites : ) The more I see silkies the more I want some .. !!
They are sooo cute

Enjoy them, they grown so fast, mine are now 7 weeks old, i can tell you from experience that the little black one with the yellow butt is a barred rock... as far as the buff orpington i can't be sure, my flock consists of 9 RIR and 12 Barred Rocks... and 2 ducks
Oh thanks for the info Corinne...I am very thankful for any advice I can get and take absolutely no offense. So sorry that you lost a baby that way.

I am thrilled to hear that the black one is a BR as someone else thought it was probably a black sexlink male due to the white dot on the head. As a BR at least there is more of a chance that it is not a roo! Especially since it's name is Mary
Phoebe is adorable! My buff is Buffy the buffet slayer. She is a little pig and sometimes fall asleep with her face in the feeder. oink oink.

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