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    May 3, 2009
    Hello all,

    I bought 5 new pol hens a week ago, but on getting them home I noticed one of them sneeze and on closer examination seemed to be rattly in her chest.

    I quarantined the hens away from my existing flock (if 3 hens count as a flock!!) and took them to the vets 2 days later as a couple of the hens seemed worse (very rattly and wheezy chests). The vet prescribed antibiotics (Baytril) in the drinking water, which I have given them for the last 5 days. There seems to be no improvement (indeed the worst afflicted hen now has some discharge from her nose too) and now one of the otherwise unaffected hens is having problems with a sticky eyelid.

    The hens have a bit of a runny poo (?a result of the Baytril??), but otherwise appear well - they are eating well and moving about happily.

    Does anyone out there have any idea what the problem might be +/ what I can do to treat the poor hens??

    Many thanks to anyone who has some ideas!!!

    (4 pekin bantams, 4 wyandotte bantams, 4 quail, 2 dogs, and a whole host of fish)

  2. Tylan 50.... 1cc in the breast muscle.

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