Newborn Chick: Umbilical Hernia, Naval Protrusion?


Nov 19, 2015

The first of my Black Copper Marans eggs hatched in the incubator about 5 hours ago. He hatched on his own after unzipping for over an hour. He was born about 9 hours premature of a full 21 day term. There was no blood or yolk in shell. When he first hatched he was stuck on his back, laying belly up with the shell on top of him. I quickly opened the incubator, removed his shell, and placed him on his stomach. Upon closer inspection, he appears to have a red, fleshy protrusion with a tiny, thread like, brown umbilical cord. The protrusion (possible hernia ?) is a little less than the size of green pea. It is not bleeding. I took him out and dabbed the swelling with a drop of iodine and put bacitracin ointment on it. I pushed gently on the protrusion, but it did not go back into the body. He is peeping and crawling around the incubator with alternating periods of quiet and rest. There has not really been any decrease in swelling during the 5 hours after he hatched. He has not pooped yet, as he's only 5 hours old. He is in a Brinsea Mini Advanced. I ran a dry hatch (added NO water in the well) until day 19 when I filled both wells with water.

What is the swelling? Is it called a hernia? Is the hernia part of his intestine? Or is it simply a little unabsorbed yolk? (The fleshy swelling appears very red, not yellow).

Should I be keeping the area wet or dry?

Should I try to do anything to push it back in or leave him alone to try to retract on its own?

Any and all treatment and outcome advice would be greatly appreciated!

The other eggs have started pipping, so I'm going to leave him in the incubator to rest for a while as the others hatch.

Thank you for your time and help!

UPDATE: Here are some pictures about 2 hours later at about 8 hours old. The protrusion is getting darker red.


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