Newcastle-Bronchitis Vaccine Help

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    I have a hen who is sick with-I think- Infectious Bronchitis. She has discharge coming from one of her eyes. No coughing, wheezing, just that one eye with discharge. She is still eating and she has never laid. She is about 30 wks. That is her only symptom. She is quarentined in the other part of the barn. She has been sick for about 1 1/2 wks. She seems to be improving. I have been using VetRx on her and the rest of the flock- which seems to be helping.

    Anyways, I ordered vaccines from Jeffers Livestock for the rest of my flock- which are doing just fine- There is a powder and a greenish blue liquid. Can I use it on the sick hen? And also it says I need "dried milk" if I want to vaccinate using the
    water method. What is "dried milk" I have no clue how to do this- even with the directions. Could somebody give me a little bit of help, please?

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    Are you sure it's Infectious Bronchitis? There are many more symptoms that comes with IB. Here's a link:
    I cant help you with vaccinating, I've never vaccinated birds nor have had mine vaccinated for anything. Here's a link to vaccinating...I dont know if it'll help, also a link to vaccine failure:
    I recommend that you call the manufacturer of the vaccine and ask for guidance.
    Here's a link to respiratory diseases in poultry, scroll down to Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (MG,) and Infectious Coryza and read if it's one of those diseases you're dealing with. Thankfully you have the sick bird quarantined away from the others:
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    Hey, I just ordered the Bronchitis Newcastle vaccine and I have no idea how to do the water dosage, the instructions are so confusing. Were you ever able to figure out how to them?


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