newly hatched chick can't stand, not splay legged


8 Years
Feb 24, 2011
Gilbert AZ
I have a baby Serama that hatched today while I was at work, so not sure how long it's been out. It's pretty dry though, tummy feathers still a little damp. This chick seems normal in every way, but it can't stand up. It tries to over and over, then rests, then tries some more. When I picked him/her up to take pictures, he/she pretty much held his/her legs still. When I went to put him/her down, she/he tried to stand. The chick ends up on it's hocks with both feet straight out in front. He/she does move all other parts (wings, head etc ...) normally. Eye's look bright and is alert. Any ideas what might be wrong?
I did give him/her some diluted gatorade just now, but I don't have any polyvisol on hand. I think I got him to take 3 or 4 drinks from beak dipping. To me, from handling him/her ... it seems like her/his legs are just pretty weak. He/she tries to get up so hard, he/she ends up with a foot momentarily over his/her head.
Thanks for any ideas!!
I had one that got stuck in the egg because of a crowded bator and when I pulled it out it took the little guy the better part of a day to get it's bearings. I would make sure to get it to drink a little at least and wait until tomorrow and see if it isn't better. If it was just born today it will be okay without food for another day. Just make sure it gets a drink and you might also give it some sugar water as this gives them a little burst of energy and helps them get going! Hope the little guy figures out his legs!!
I'd give it time too...many of my chicks took a good 24 hours or more to really get standing. Sounds like you're doing the right thing.
Thanks everyone
He/she seems to be doing a little better this morning, closer to standing and pecking around everywhere he/she can reach. Hopefully by tomorrow he/she will be all better

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