Newly hatched chick rolling around

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10 Years
Feb 6, 2013
I've worked with the chick more pushing upward and forward from his rear-end to force him off his butt. He still prefers sitting, but is taking some steps! Also put him in a very small jar for a minute at a time so he is forced to stand. He doesn't like his face behind the glass, so he pushes with his legs to get his head above the rim. Keeping my fingers crossed!

One of my newly hatched chicks was rolling around unable to stay upright. After working with it, it is able to sit upright but can't stand up. It scoots around on it's belly using it's feet. All the info I can find is about splay leg, but it's legs are together. It is less than one day old. Is there any hope for this baby? It is very perky and doesn't appear sick or lethargic.
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