Newly hatched chicks and hen in elevated box


Mar 3, 2018
One of our hens hatched 4 chicks this am and still has quite a few eggs, some at least donated by her friends. The nest box is about 1.5 meters high. Would you recommend putting feed and water in the box for a few days in case any more eggs hatch, or waiting just a day and taking the hen and chicks out? I intend to let them mingle freely with the other 9 chooks.
That is pretty high.
Your main problem is that you probably didn't mark the eggs when she started sitting and other eggs were volunteered to the nest. So now you will have a staggered hatch. The hen will leave the nest to care for the live chicks after a day or two at the most.
That will leave the rest of the eggs to chill and kill the embryos.
I would get your incubator fired up so you can move remaining eggs into it.
You'll also need to switch the whole flock to a starter feed.
yup thought as much. So I guess the hen will hop down, and
I should take the chicks down myself right?
Agreed with CC. Have you ever had new broody/chicks in your flock straight out of the nest? While it's usually a seamless integration, there are some birds that are wired wrong, and view the new chicks as intruders or snacks. So, depending on your coop lay out and your flock dynamics, how strong the broody hormonal offense/defense system is, it might be a good idea to give hen and chicks a private broody suite for a few days if you can set one up. You might also want to snug a bale of hay up against the nest box opening, (or even some flakes of hay to cushion their tumble landing. But do some baby chick proofing: be sure there is not a spot where chicks can fall down between bale and wall.
I set up a dog crate in the coop for the hen and chicks. That way they are still seen as part of the flock but the older ones can’t get to them. This way they have thier own food and water too so I know they are getting food. Today I opened the door and these 2 nosy hen were checking out the nursery while mama brought babies for a dust bath.

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