Newlywed & Husband leaving for work :(

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  1. briarwoodpoultryjr

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    Jul 11, 2010
    Hello all,

    Just a little bummed out - my husband is leaving tomorrow morning to go out to Alberta/Saskatchewan in search of work. We just got married in June, but his job here is unstable and we can't afford for him to be laid off all winter this year, like he has been the last 2 years. I go to school and start back in September. My program is entirely different at the school I go to now then the one at the school by where he is trying to find work, and I don't think it would be good to switch schools. We also own a house out here in BC and I'll now be responsible for 3 dogs, a 3 bedroom house, yard, school, and my job (20 hrs/week).

    To top it all off, I just feel like I have no friends. Slowly but surely, my highschool friends have been proving to be idiots (I graduated 5 years ago so it's been a long process), and I now only talk to 2 of my old highschool friends. Until the wedding, my friend was friends with me for about 13 years. The stagette was nothing like I wanted (it was only 2 days before the wedding, I didn't want to go drinking as I had a TON of things to do the next day), we ended up going out 'drinking' all night, so that she could hook up with some guy. The day of the wedding, she didn't show up to help me get dressed. Mom had to cancel her makeup appointment and help me herself. The day after the wedding, she deleted me from Facebook, didn't show for the gift opening, and hasn't talked to me since. I tried emailing her to find out what the deal is, no reply. She still talks to my husband, and has him on her facebook.

    I'm just incredibly frustrated. The only reliable people in my life are my parents and my husband. Husband is leaving to try to provide for his family (me and the dogs), and I just feel so alone [​IMG] So much for newlywed bliss!
  2. LarryPQ

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    Jul 17, 2009

    Just keep your eye on the prize....when he gets back. Reunions are good [​IMG]
  3. OrloffTom

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    Jul 27, 2010
    Sadly friends come and go and I know the feeling of losing friends that you have had a long time. One of my good buddies for over 20years never calls me or anything. He used to come over and hang out and did so when I first got married. He never called me much to begin with but now he never calls. I don't know if me having a family now scared him or what but it does make me sad but you gotta just trudge on and hang in there. Your best friend is the one going to try to find something better to help you and your future life together [​IMG].
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    What you had were school friends, time to move on to a new married life with new friends. Your BESTEST friend should be your husband and the rest of them will follow as time goes on. Serious friends who really cared about you would stick with you thick and thin and others are so pre occupied with their own lives that friends are in the back burner for awhile.

    I like to keep touch with my old friends, however, I can not "recaputure" the memories and fun things I did when they have their own friends and lives to contend with. I found my childhood friend again on FB and that was that, we didn't click like we used to but it was nice to know she had a nice life and wonderful family as well as I did too.

    As for your bridesmaid or maid of honor, give her some space and leave her be. She did it on her own and she is mad at you, too bad! Life is too short! One day she will realize that and would probably offer you an olive branch. If not, don't worry about it. There are more friends that would take her place wanting to be your friend.

    In the meantime, focus on your husband and the chickens, enjoy your farm life and the experience in relocating. Trust your husband, for he can guide you and wants to make you happy and comfortable.
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    Tempe, Arizona
    [​IMG] Things will work out.

    Hope he finds a great job with an opportunity to work from your current hometown.

    Sounds like you and your Maid of Honor had different expectations for her role, and for your wedding. People tend to get very emotional with weddings, and not all the emotions are mushy sentimental ones. As was said, give her some space and try to contact her again in a few months.

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