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Chicks 0-1 week old need bedding with a grip while they learn to walk so that they don't get

splayed legs. When a chick develops splayed legs, it's legs will slide out to the side (looks

like the chick is doing the splits) and the chick will not be able to walk.

Some beddings with a grip for chicks 0 - 1 week old

~ Paper towels
~ Bath towel - Be sure there are no strings or tears that could be dangerous to the chick
~ Shelf liner
~ Wood shavings

-If you decide to use wood shavings, cover the top with paper towels until the chicks learn
what is food and what is not food.-

After the chick is over a week old, you can move on to things like -

~ Newspaper
~ Straw
~ Wood shavings

You can also remove the paper towels from the top of the wood shavings, if you decide to use them.

- SC
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my .02:

never use straw. it mats up, doesnt let water evaporate and just gets to be a goooey mess.
Pine shavings are SO much better. the chicken waste seems to dissappear.

Do a search on "Deep litter" for the coop. I recommend it highly.

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