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Sep 30, 2009
lebanon NH
Hi, we are in Lebanon, NH, and want to have some ducks this spring. There is a little stream running thru the back of our yard. Part of the stream makes a little marshy pool, and the rest runs on to a large marsh way down the road near Etna Rd and 120. There are woods on the other side of the stream. We are just curious about ducks and really like duck meat.

What breed should we try?

Also, is it reasonable to have 2 turkeys? We have 7 chickens and over an acre.

They will love the water! May be hard to get them out of it! They will need a shelter to go into at night for protection against predators, just like chickens do. Also chance of day time predators as well if they will be free ranging. I don't personally eat my ducks, but I'm sure you could find more informaiton in the meat section of BYC's. They win your heart pretty quickly, so it may be hard to eat them after raising them! Dual purpose breeds are usually pekins, muscovies, ect. ect. You can usually go to hatchery websites and they will describe the different breeds and their general purpose (eggs, meat, both) I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to do Turkeys as well, but I have no expererience with Turkeys at all. Best of luck. Ducks are alot of fun!

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