NH Friendly starter flock of mallard and mixed mallard ducks--5 birds, 4 females and 1 male


7 Years
Jul 15, 2014
Campton NH
We have a flock of 25 birds, and for space reasons we need to get it down to 20. These 5 birds were gifted to me this spring, and I just don't have the space for them over the winter in any capacity, and they're nice and we don't want them to be eaten. I'm hoping someone in the NH area would want them to add to their existing birds, or if they're looking to start a flock.

We have 4 females and a male. The regular looking mallard male we're keeping. The other male is that very cool looking brownish swede which is mixed with a mallard, and then there are 4 females that all look either like khakis or washed out mallards. We know them to all be half mallard at least. The mother is the very pretty mallard in the foreground of the first photo.


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