Niacin deficiency? Or something else?


7 Years
May 20, 2013
Northern, NJ
One of my two 6-week old mallards won't stand up. She CAN, occasionally. But, only takes a step or two and, then, plops back down. I inspected both her legs/feet and nothing seems to be wrong with them. She appeared to be fine, otherwise and was eating a bit (after, basically, dragging herself across the pen to get to the food) - this was before I left for work.

My hubby just got to work (we work together) and said that she's the same except she seemed to be panting.

After reading some prior posts here, it looks like she might have a niacin deficiency. And I'm getting some for her. In the meantime, I gave her some peas to eat. But, now, I'm concerned about the panting. Is that common with niacin deficiency, too??

I never had this issue with my other ducks. But, none of them was hatched in a hatchery, either. I feel as if that might be one of the reasons they might've been a little healthier than these 2 hatchery ducks. :(

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