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    There was a success story on trapping a weasel/mink with a tunnel trap and Lydlo said it would be ok to post it as a resource on the BYC web site (maybe without the dead mink pic)
    see the posts on EZBYC...

    I also think we should add the stuff about fox trapping- stickied on the top of the predators forum.

    If you need someone to put it in a better format, I can take a stab at it. Let me know.

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    Keep it set! Where there is one there are two and others! Glad you got that chicken varmit! Good luck!
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    Jan 11, 2007
    we discussed this in chat...and you have said here that you are doing daily/weekly?) backups of the ezboard community (and lets be honest...that is where the community exists as a whole at the moment)...and you also make mention of the fact that you have such a great search function here at the website forum... my question is this> when is the backed-up info going to be available for the search function??? (suggestion> integrate the backed up info here so members can actually ACCESS it [​IMG] )
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    Hey DLH, not sure if you meant to reply to this thread or not, but I'm happy to answer your question here:

    First off, sorry for any confusion, but I'm only doing daily backups of THIS forum, not ezboard. I do have a backup of the ezboard content, specifically the archived section, but backing up their content is a VERY manual process. They do not allow members to export data, and their data isn't compatible with any other forum applications (this is how ezboard keeps their members at their site).

    NOTE: the backup of ezboard was to be used only if either ezboard lost all the data, or if the ezboard BYC site was closed down and we needed access to that data. Bottom line, my backup of the ezboard data is for a worst case scenario.

    Unfortunately there isn't much I can do to fix ezboard's problems, but I will continue to encourage everyone to post to this forum instead of that one... this is truly the only way to ensure that the posts are going to be backed up and searchable.

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