Nifty's Guessing Game CLOSING ON SAT. OCT. 3rd GET YOUR GUESS IN.


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Jul 31, 2015
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I did mention this earlier, right?!?


Busy day today, but getting a lot done that's years overdue!

Including getting this old ugly beast removed from the property:

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What is it?
I would love to have something like convert into a play room.


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@Nifty-Chicken, curiously, did they haul it away on a flatbed? :pop
There have been 4 different people that have said, "Oh, I'm an expert and will be able to haul it away no problem"

... each tried for a full day and ran into all sorts of problems.

Each had a flatbed and a winch.

The guys working on it now actually have it up on the flatbed and partially moved. The big question is if they will be able to take it out of the yard?!?!

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