Nigerian Dwarf Goats... you gotta see the pics on this link


12 Years
Jun 6, 2007
I am wanting to get a couple of milk goats. I was doing some research and I am very interested in the Nigerian Dwarf goats.
A healthy Nigerian Dwarf doe can produce a surprising amount of sweet milk for her small size, as much as two quarts per day. Nigerian Dwarf milk has between 6% and 10% butterfat, with higher protein content than most other dairy goat breeds. Excellent milk for making yogurt & cheese.

I love this site. These are some spoiled goats, I wouldn't mind being one of their goats, LOL.

I know how to milk a goat, my Dad taught me at an early age. We always had Nubians growing up. I found a breeder about an hour away from me, so that's great news.

Anyone have Nigerian Dwarfs?
I am hoping to get Nigerian Dwarfs once we get moved. Thought about having two on the edge of town but its just easier to wait and not cause a scene!
When do you think you will get yours? I am envious!
I hope within 2 months. We have to build them a small shed to get out of the weather. We have 2 acres so we plan on letting them have at least half an acre to themselves.
I really would love to have a black and white spotted one with blue eyes. Those blue eyes are beautiful.
Our dogs have never seen a goat before so we hope that transition will go smoothly
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Just make sure you have excellent fences for them! The little guys are so small they can get through anything. I love mine, though...very sweet and it seems like they don't eat at all compared to my horse.
I'm doubting they leave that furniture out there all the time, it would be covered in poop! I have a few that would love to have a couch or two in their pen.
I second the motion on making sure you have good fencing, and high too because the little ones can hop right on over!!! Also, they are talkers and can be whiners. I thought they were suppose to be relatively quiet animals, but I've got 2 babies and they just whine for me. I got a mini la mancha today and she is quiet and very calm! I live in a residential area so this was important for me to keep noise down with the neighbors and all!
Hi we have bought two august 18 from a lady that raises them just down the road from us. the cream colored one is named Jolie and the dark colored one is named Olivia. The have both been exposed to a buck so we maybe having babies in January! This will be interesting! Never seen a baby being born from a animal in person, just on TV!

They are so friendly and our kids love them too! Wendy

Thank you! Someone mentioned black and white w/ blue eyes. I actually lost her a few weeks ago, she was my favorite goat. I do have her sister though, she's black w/ white markings and blue eyes.

Wendy, your girls are beautiful! I have a solid chocolate doe who's doeling this year looked similar to your Olivia (which is my neice's name by the way, and actually I'm also a Wendy, so coincidence's all the way around!). She was a beautiful doeling, love that color, I sold her, but I do plan to keep a doeling out of her in the future, and I'd like to get another that color! (she didn't have the frosted ears or nose like yours though)

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