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    Hi fellow chicken lovers,

    A predator attacked one of our chickens last night. It looks like she was grabbed by the leg and she is bleeding from around the top inside of her leg where she was bitten. I have isolated her and she is sitting, not moving at all. I also cleaned up the wound and wrapped it with gauze. I am going to try to find a vet to take a look at her but I wanted to post here for any experienced advice. Not sure if there is much I can do for her but I was thinking I could hand feed her and keep an eye on her and see if she will improve at all. The other girls are okay, just upset about the attack. Is there any good vitamins or immune boosters that I could feed her to help keep her strength up?

    Thank you for any advice,
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    Poor baby!

    Make sure you keep the wounds clean and covered as much as possible. Use an antibiotic ointment (like neosporin) on them, but only the kind without any pain relief stuff. The pain relief medicines are poisonous to chickens.

    Poly-vi-sol infant vitamins without iron work well in chickens.

    If you want to give her a treat, and give her some extra protein as she rebuilds tissues, feed her some well scrambled egg.

    Keep her in a quiet place where she can be still and heal.

    Good luck!
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    Also, you can crush up aspirin in her water for pain. Use 1/2 baby aspirin or 1/4 full strength aspirin and crush it up in a cup of water.

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