Apr 21, 2011
Allenton, MI
I'm currently building my coop and have the walls and roof up, so time to run the electrical. The plan is to have a general light up high, with a light switch on the wall for that, and a set of plugs down lower with the covers on them like you see on the outside of houses. That way no chickens will be sticking their beaks into an electrical socket
However, I was just thinking how I would work a nightlight with that. I plan on putting in a dim light for at night, and was just going to buy a regular nightlight that will turn on when it senses it's getting dark. However, if I plug that into one of my sockets, that will be low enough for the chickens to peck at. So I guess my question is, how can I make this work and what does everyone use if it's not a typical nightlight? I would like my plugs down lower for plugging in a warming base for their water in the winter, so that's why I didn't go with the plug higher on the wall like I've seen on some people's posts here.
yes, what Chick Norris said - except the nightlights will not fit on the bottom with something plugged into the top so you may have to install it upside down or get one that is side-to-side, or you can get an outlet with a built-in nightlight that turns on automatically (available at home improvement stores).
good luck
Go buy a solar walk way light from Home Depot or Lowes. Best $3.88 I ever spent. Just enough light to coax the chickens in at night and no electricity needed. I have 2 in my coup, they sit in the windows. The only thing you need to do to them is remove the stake for putting them in the ground by your walkway.
You could also just install another outlet where you want it. A box and receptical cost $1.00 combined, wire might add a few dollars, wire staples are cheap, and the ground crimpers are a few cents. Call it $5. My coop has 4 separate outlets, two switched.

If you are doing the electrical, you can choose where you want them. Chicken proof your coop by putting them up higher, like waist level. Put your nightlight outlet in the rafters.

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