Nipple waterer leaking - I have a question


5 Years
Jun 18, 2016
We are new chicken people and learning lots from all of you here. For that thank you. We started our chicks on the nipple waterer with no problems except for the drips that cause a muddy mess. I was trying to think of a way to eliminate that for several reasons. Health being number one. What if my husband created a metal or plastic pan with hardware cloth attached on top. Placed under the waterer to catch drips and poop but they would have to stand on the wire cloth only for drinking water. Any thoughts???
Thank you... Right now the nipples are on a cap that fits a plastic bottle. We have the kind that hooks up to a hose but haven't installed that one yet. How would one adjust the pressure on the bottle style?
From my experience the watering nipples are too week the best watering system is the cups you can get 5 on eBay for $14 with shipping i used a 55 gallon plastic barrel and attached PVC pipe at the bottom with two elbows and put a cap on end of pipe then just drill 4 3/8 holes in the 3 ft section after the elbows put paste on cups then screw in and they do make heaters for plastic barrels at farm stores

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