Nipple waterers

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11 Years
Aug 22, 2012
So far I cannot get the two older hens to drink from the nipple waterer. any suggestions.
Do they still have other options for water? If so try taking them away. If the other chickens are drinking from it they will realize whats going on and wont die of thirst.
I took away the dog stainless steel bowl and they did not drink from the nipples. So I put a small bowl of water in last nite for them in their coop. And this a.m. they still won't drink from the nipple waterer. The six nine week old girls will but they still prefer the water dish. I am petrified to take away the water dish completely, because of their need for water. I sat outside with them yesterday to teach them about the nipple water but that went nowhere. I am still confounded. I am thinking about getting one of those tin waterers. But I would prefer them to use the nipple waterer. What is it that you think ?

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