NO chick days here :(


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Shamong, NJ
So I had to go to feed store and since TSC was advertising they had chick days starting today, we decided to go there. Come to find out no chicks days anymore since the Great State of NJ has decided to find yet another way to tax. The TSC here is no longer selling chicks/ducklings. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed. Not sure if it's all TSCs in NJ or just the 1 near me, but
I am in Florida and although ours was supposed to start today there were none there. They had all the bins set up with the lights(off of course), feed, and everything just nothing in them yet. Assuming they will be there in the next couple of days. Sorry yours isn't having them
I believe the AGWAY that is about 50 min away from me is going to have chicks, but a bit of a haul when I have several other feed stores nearby. I happened to work out that way at least twice a month, but I work nights and they aren't open then.
I stopped by the Jonesville TSC on Saturday to get another pair of rubber boots and noticed they didn't have any chicks yet. Every other feed store in the area has had them for the last couple of weeks at least. They're really missing their market.

Last year was the first year I saw chicks at TSC by me, and it was the new one they just opened down the road. Never saw any in any of the other TSCs in the area. However, the ones they had for sale were all RIR pullets and another time they had broilers for sale. Not exactly a variety there! Also, here in NJ you have to buy six minimum, which is sort of a turn off!
I read this post yesterday and went to my TSC in Ringoes, NJ today and they are having chick days starting next Monday! Don't know why yours isn't!
We went yesterday, no chicks... told that they were getting them today...

We went chicks. None of the employees know when the chicks are coming!!!

All the stuff is set up....3 water troughs and brooder lamps.

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