No crow collar help


May 14, 2021
I'm new to this site and I think this is the right forum to put this on- anyway, my rooster has a no crow collar (I wish he didn't need it but we like in a urban area, we are planning to move to a house with land soon though) and recently we've been having a problem where it won't stop his crow but it makes him uncomfortable when he does his aerial alarm call (he sort of throws his head back like when they first adjust to the collar)
To anyone with a roo with a rooster collar, have you had this happen with yours? Is it normal, and if not why is it happening?
I wanted to come back to this to say what we have done now. We've permanently stopped using collars after my boy nearly passed away due to them, my family kept forcing me to put collars on until I put my foot down and said that enough was enough. I said "as long as he gets to live a happy chicken life with no collar ill be happy, even if he ends up living elsewhere" so we took his collar off and none of my neighbours mind the increased volume. We've had no noise complaints and I live in a VERY urban area so im actually surprised. I even prepared to send him to an animal sanctuary just in case-

So my lesson from this. Just take the collars off, its not worth it at the end of the day and if you really love your boys, don't use them. And this is coming from someone who tried EVERYTHING; cheap collars, expensive collars, elastic, bandage wrap, velcro etc. None worked and all caused issues. My boy is actually more quiet now than he was with the collar on, only crows once in the morning in his box and once in the afternoon now, as opposed to every minute with a collar on. Less and louder is always better than more and muted.

My boy is so much happier without a collar on. I will never EVER put one on again. I hope my story inspires others to ditch the collars- its really just not worth it.

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