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    These Rir hens (25 Ea.) just starting to lay , NOT one has layed a double yolk egg . Last 25 EVERY hen layed double yolks for a few weeks. . What is your experiance ? Double pullet eggs or not?
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    Doulbe yolks are ok but not something you want to promote. These can lead to laying problems, such as prolapse and that's not a pretty thing. Sure they're cool and all, but dangerous and hard on the hens. Even production birds shouldn't be encouraged to lay doubles. IMO.
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    I am yet to get one. My BSL Lily will lay HUGE monster eggs that look like they should be a triple yolk, but only have one yolk in them. I sell most of my eggs so wouldn't know for sure, but I tell my customers to look out for one. I haven't been informed of any yet, though.

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    I never had any after normal laying started. Just when the very first start , Then it goes away.
    I guess no one else has double baby eggs.
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