No Egg in 5 Days...Update

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    My most consistent egg-layer, Gertie, a one-year old Barred Rock has not laid an egg for the last four days. She appears to be okay, is eating alright and also going to the bathroom. I noticed tonight when I went out to the coop that her crop seemed a bit rounded, so in the daylight tomorrow I'm going to look at that more closely. Can anyone tell me if there is something behavioral about this? This is my first flock and so I don't know if this is normal for one-year old hens or if this is a cause for concern. Normally, Gertie lays an egg five days out of the week, so for her to go four days without one is giving me lots of cause for concern. What should I be looking for and is there some way I can help her if you feel there is a cause for concern? Please, any advice would be gratefully accepted. Thanks, Lisa
    Just an UPDATE...Gertie has not laid an egg today, either. This makes day five. She is not molting. Her eating seems okay, her poo seems normal and crop also seems normal. Behavior is normal, also; she's not acting as if she feels ill. I had her out free-ranging for around four hours today and she had a blast. I don't know what this could be. She did go in to the nesting box today again like she wanted to lay an egg but nothing. Please...any suggestions as to what may be going on? Thanks again, Lisa
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    My girls will lay consistently for a month or two then take a break for a couple weeks. I would say it isn't anything to worry about, but I would still watch her just to make sure.
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    Is she Moulting?

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