No Eggs for 2.5 Months!

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  1. Ann10

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    Jun 20, 2014
    Hi, I started keeping 2 buff Orpington's last February. They started laying in May and all was well until one of them became broody in July. Nothing would dissuade her so I let her raise 2 buff orpington chicks. When they were four weeks old, she abandoned them and became broody again. I live in a suburban community and could not deal with constantly broody chicken, so let her go live on a nearby farm. As soon as she left, her sister became broody and would not get off the nest for any reason. I ended up getting her a black sex link chick to raise on her own. Now, I have a year old buff orpington, the two pullets are 20 weeks old and the baby is 10 weeks old. All should be well, but my-year-old stopped laying in August when she went broody, she also started molting several weeks ago. I am wondering when I will ever start getting eggs again. The 20 week old pullets are not showing any signs of being ready to lay, their wattles and combs have not grown. Since I am only keeping chickens for eggs, this is becoming rather frustrating. Any suggestions?
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    Oct 10, 2013
    once the oldest finishes her molt she will start laying again. Molting can last usually around 10 weeks but can take longer. As for the 20 weekers they may take another month or so, with the days getting colder and shorter it may just take longer. Keep an eye out for bright red combs and submissive squatting when you place your hand on their backs. both are tell tale signs of getting ready to start laying eggs.

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