No eggs for almost 3 weeks, help!


7 Years
Nov 10, 2012
I have two "Easter Eggers" that began laying mid-August. I was getting an egg from each every day until almost 3 weeks ago when the eggs stopped coming. I have gotten them layer pellets, they have been on those for about 10 days. The weather here is mild. They are not acting or looking sick. There is a rogue neighborhood rooster that keeps flying over into our yard but he cannot get to them in the run. We do not have any snakes in this area large enough to be eating the eggs and they are not a year old yet and I don't see any feathers around so I don't think they could be molting. I am at a loss :(

Any advice is welcome and thank you in advance,

Nicole in Texas
Hi Nicole! Many chickens slow down, and occasionally stop, production during the shorter days of winter, and full production resumes as spring returns. For both to stop so suddenly is suspicious, isn't it? Could they be laying in hidden nest. I just discovered a nest under some stacked lumber where my black Australorp had laid 11 eggs. I had to apologize for calling her a slacker!

Other animals will take chicken eggs. Rats are pretty sneaky, and will steal eggs. (Do you remember Templeton from Charlotte's Web?)
Sometimes the chickens themselves will eat them, but you usually find evidence of this.

Keep looking for clues, but it may end up being that you have a bit of a wait until they start up again.
I am having the same issue here with my chickens who started laying in August. NO eggs lately!
Atleast alot fewer eggs which I attributed to the lack of sunlight and colder, shorter days.......
My RIR was acting all 'funny' under the front porch......I sat and watched her for awhile, it looked lije she was building a nest. She was way in to ther front, in a corner, very secluded, but I was able to see between the floorboards ......~2 EGGS!!! Now she's out eating and free ranging......I guess for a few days there will be no free ranging until her eggs a laid in the nest box!~Beulah

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