no eggs for weeks??

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    Feb 5, 2014
    Hi, I'm new to owning byc's and have had one chicken for just under a year.She laid eggs just very irratically. I recently got two more chicks they are about 13 weeks and about a month ago I added them to my coop with my existing hen. They all seem to get along just fine. My older hen laid two eggs a couple days apart and that was it. I'm wondering if the younger two could be eating them or if the older one is still getting used to having other flockmates. I live in Arizona so its not cold. I feed them pellets daily and scratch for snacks. is there anything else I should be doing?
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    It's not the cold that causes hens to stop laying, it's daylight hours. Many hens will slow down laying or stop entirely when the daylight hours are below about 14. If you really want eggs, you could try giving her supplemental light until the days get longer.
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    That seems like quite a while to be getting used to her new flock mates. Have you seen a lot of feathers lying around? The change could have caused her to molt. Could she be hiding eggs somewhere?
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    Sometimes change can make them off lay like that. I had a hen that went off lay when I added another flock mate for almost two months!! Watch her closely though to make sure nothing else is going on health wise. Or if she's starting to molt or do a partial molt. Some hens just take longer to adjust than others. If she is in good health eating and drinking normally and no signs of any issues then I wouldn't worry too much. She should begin laying again very make sure she's not hiding the eggs. If the others are eating the eggs you will usually find some signs of that like shells or yolk in the bedding. Hopefully she will start laying again soon.

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