8 Years
Oct 20, 2011
Southern California
I had a serama hen who sat on 6 eggs and 4 hatched, one was infertile and the last one was fully developed but never hatched. I was happy about the hatch rate even though one egg never pipped. But my white serama hen went broody under 5 eggs and all of them developed, but none hatched. :( i let her sit on the eggs for 30 days before cracking the eggs open. all fully developed!!! Am i doing something wrong??? or is there something wrong with the eggs? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Boy, I don't know. Hopefully this will get you closer to the top. I dont do the eggtopsies or whatever they call it. I think that is odd that they get that far. Was the shape of the eggs odd? I dont even know what questions to ask. So sorry, how disappointing for you and the hen, hope you get some good answers.
Did her nest get tossed that's what happened to my banty's nest my young polish would toss her nest and throw the eggs around and i everyday i would have to find the eggs and redo her nest luckly she decided to nest in a rubbermaid box full of hay and the eggs stayed warm they just went to the bottom of the box. I had one hatch at day 25 and he had to have major help he's a OEBG/blue andy cross and he was just too big for his egg. I think the reason the others didn't hatch was because the nest got tossed to much before I finally got her to calm down enough in her enclosure the other 2 were fully formed just stop growing around day 17. But I just had 4 out of 4 silkie cross eggs hatch under my silkie with 2 turkens left to hatch and so far they are doing great. It could be just the eggs or the way the hen was sitting there are way to many variables to really be for sure what happened.

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