No Eggs in 3 Days

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  1. We have 8 Red Star and 2 Phoenix.. We have not had an egg in 3 days. I know it has been very hot and humid here in N. W. Tennessee, temps around 99 and heat index 105 - 110. [​IMG] All the girls are in good shape and healthy, so I'm thinking it's the weather... Am I right ?? We are pretty new to anything chicken and could use some help.
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    Sep 24, 2007
    i'd say its the weather make sure they have enough water and some shade. Do they roam around your yard/acreage? because when I notice less eggs its normally because they have started to lay under the bush
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    Do you have them in a coop overnight? I had one hen, she wouldn't lay eggs if I let her out to free-range before she delivered her egg in the nest(some days as late as 2PM!) Now my new Bantam hen is acting the same: she wants to be in a pen beside the rooster to lay her daily egg.[​IMG]
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    We had record heat the week before...upper 90's, low 100's with very high humidity. One day I'd get 4 or 5 eggs, the next day I'd get 9-10 eggs. It went like that the whole week and I couldnt figure why. I thought they would shut down and only lay 2 or 3 if I were lucky. I provided them with chilled watermelon and chilled cabbage and put ice cubes in their water containers daily...maybe that helped with their egg production, I dont know. Dont get me wrong though, I've seen them shut down due to the heat many times before.

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