No Eggs!! WooHoo


12 Years
Aug 20, 2007
This is the first time since Dec. that we have had NO eggs in the house. I am so excited....because I sold us all out!!!
After seeing if the eggs would sell, which they did, I went ahead and bought my own cartons from Egg Boxes. Now all I have to do is figure out a label
Well I just might need those Wildsky!
The bf is taking one of my flyers to work (he works at Walmart) so I should have some more "orders" soon!
Nice! Congrats on the selling!
I love it when I sell my eggs! Today I sold 12 goose eggs, 3 dozen duck eggs and 4 dozen chicken eggs to the same lady! $40!! Woohoo! I love knowing they will be enjoyed fresh and delicious!
I am mad I told the girls I would make chicken soup if I don't get at least 1 egg by my birthday on March 29. The Wyndotte, a marans, and a favorrel are all acting funny and also have much redder combs now. The nest boxes are comeing from this week so hopefully this will start laying up.
Do goose/duck eggs taste the same as chicken eggs? Someone told me that they hated duck eggs bc they were so nasty.
I am allergic to eggs but I would assume an egg is an egg
Duck eggs are great and once people get past the idea that there is a fuzzy duckling going to pop out, they like them. The white is thicker and the yolk is bigger and so it is richer. I used duck eggs to make a bread pudding last week and it rose like a souffle.
I have several customers that are allergic to chicken and turkey eggs, but can eat the duck and goose eggs.

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