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    Mar 21, 2011
    I have two golden laced wyandottes, two golden orps, 2 polish hens. The orps and wyans are suppose to be about 6-7 months old. The polish hens are older and were laying (I was told) by the person who sold them to me: "an egg each every day". Well, I'm only getting one egg every other day or every third day. The younger hens have not started to lay at all yet. All are free ranging and I have hunted for any place they may be stashing the eggs but can't find any. They are cooped at night and they all seem to want to sit in the part of the coop where the Polish hens lay. They go in there many times during the day and sit there. Would it be a good idea to keep them in the coop for a couple of days and see if we get any eggs? Any other suggestions? They are fed an organic layer feed and some fresh scraps from our morning juicing (carrots, kale, apple, pear). What do ya'll think?
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    I would lock them in the coop until the afternoon and see if your eggs increase. Let them out after say 2:00 in the afternoon. Most of the laying should be done by that point.

    Also, do you have pictures of your girls? It's possible you were lied to about their ages.
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    First, [​IMG] And tehn, are they getting about 14 hours of daylight? It is still early in the season if they haven't been laying,and they need about 14 hours of light to get the eggs in motion. And, you can put some golfballs where you want them to lay, (if you are removing the polish's eggs) You can also delay letting them out in the morning, althoughmy chooks lay at different times during the day. They might just be holding on to their eggs itll there is more daylight.
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    Keep them in the coop or coop/small run until you are sure who is laying. Absolutely.

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