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May 18, 2011
i have had my hens for 2 weeks but there not laying any eggs they are 22 weeks old what would the problem be
I would talk to them one on one & explain to them that there's no free lunch here so start laying. Also, show them where to lay the eggs. LOL> Mine didn't lay till they were 25 weeks. Are their combs & wattles big & red. They are also in a new environment. They will start squatting when they are about to lay. Give them time they will lay when their ready is the best advice. Be patient. Do you have the boxes set up for them? I would add some fake eggs in the boxes so they know where to lay.
ok thanks i think i may threatern them with paxo but yes i will give them time there combes are not very big either
Yes, give them a little more time. My Catalina just started laying and she is 24 wks old.
Also, if you just got them, do you know if they were laying before you got them? If so, they received stress in their move, and will start again when they feel 'at home'. If you love them and they have adequate housing and food and water and room, they will eventually lay. Mine are almost 20 weeks - I ask them every day, "where are my brown eggs?"

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