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    Jun 2, 2013
    My Wyandotte hens are 23 weeks now and I havnt seen a single egg! They are free range during the day and go up in their coop at night. Could she be laying somewhere out in the yard? How can I tell? Should I pen her up for a couple days and see if anything happens? I worry that penning them my stress them with a dif routine and that would stop egg laying! HELP!!
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    Apr 29, 2013
    I kinda doubt she may be laying somewhere else if you haven't heard clucking, or she doesn't have a large red comb. But it doesn't hurt to look, I was wondering about that too. Try placing golf balls, or fake eggs in the boxes. We hollowed out some store bought ones and filled them with dirt. One of mine laid the first egg yesterday in the boxes, so I guess it works. They were free ranging while she laid it.
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    Go on an intensive egg hunt. Look under every bush/shrub, behind every trash can, under the porch, any place you think a bird half her size could possibly fit.

    I'd also confine her for a few days. Most hens lay in the morning, so if possible with your schedule you could let her out in the afternoons if you still want her to range.

    New layers often don't know they're supposed to lay in those nice boxes we fix up for them. They can find such better places!

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