No longer empty nesters, but who’s in the nest?

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  1. Hi all, first time we’ve ordered instead of buying whatever TSC has in store. I wanted a few choice breeds but also some adventure in some. So can you help me ID them. I’ve provided multiple poses to help. Of course I know the 2 I chose (4th photo) but not sure about the grab bag ones/(assorted rare breeds). Here they are at 1 day old and then at 4 weeks. Thank you in 8D529A3C-7D53-4C2B-9F2F-35883CF73697.jpeg D6EFB787-C07B-40B1-803F-F0749F34AC5D.jpeg



    A941941C-0D14-40DE-8752-04C771D6BA1D.jpeg 70690978-BB21-4CE5-BA73-B45655BD1B4E.jpeg B72B1195-AEC9-4511-A9D3-3F42DD578187.jpeg 48B055EB-2459-4E5C-B076-3B2267CD6F98.jpeg C3A24F0E-EF18-4D94-AA5D-77B24806AEC5.jpeg C24D0DEA-E007-4716-90D2-1B229D5F966C.jpeg 6DC29186-434B-454F-9E8E-1C3695A30DF7.jpeg
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  2. Do I have these questions in the right forum? Need help identifying my chicks. Thank you.
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  3. I am sure someone will help soon enough. I have no idea how to tell their breeds. Sorry, new to chickens. I couldn’t tell a couple of mine until they were grown up. Even then it took a lot of searching chicken pics to find out.
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    You'll do best if you post your photos at "What breed or gender is this."
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  5. Thank you. I couldn’t find that forum.

    It’s a huge site and it’s taking a lot for me to understand the ins & outs.
  6. Thank you!
  7. I found it. Yay! Thank you!!
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