no more barefooting?


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Ok, so one of the surprises that I've come to discover is than now our yard is FULL of chick poop. And this only from having four 3 week old baby chicks! Some is soft, some hard, some stinky, some not, but I think that the days of barefoot children playing around in the grass might be over...
Our yard is not that big. It's kind of sad.
How dangerous is it for my kids and I to come in contact with chicken poop?
Poop has bacteria in it. That's part of why it stinks.

Either keep them from free ranging or wear shoes.... and always take your shoes off before coming in the house
You could set up a foot-wash bath for washing feet before you go into the house. I wouldn't want to forego barefootin' - but I would be sure no one has open owies on their feet. Since the chicks are small, it's no big thing. But I'm willing to bet that when the size of poops matches the size of the chickens......
This is just me, but I'd never ever go barefoot in the yard with free ranging chickens. You can't *always* tell when you have abrasions or cuts, especially small fissures due to dryness. It's too easy to get an infection.

Yes, we've been doing all sorts of stuff for years and years without consequence. But we take a lot for granted. It only takes one time for something to finally happen. Like tetanus or staph from stepping on something that breaks your skin. Or some other bacteria from walking in chicken poo. Those of us who live on farms have a lot more than chicken poo in the yard

I went barefoot as a child all summer, in the north. But around here, there are other creepie crawlies in the soil besides chicken poo, so now it's only indoors.
Really? I've never even thought of this! I go barefoot in our backyard all the time--just watch out for land mines! I love to garden barefooted, and my garden is mulched with spent straw from the coop--it's mostly clean, as our coop is huge, and we only have a few birds. But, gosh, can you really get ill from stepping in chicken poop? This will really put a damper on my summer if it's true.
Every summer I used to go bare foot all over my aunts farm. They had turkeys, ducks, chickens, goats, sheep, horses, and cows. Not to mention some dogs and cats. And all the wild birds. I never got sick, never got an infection of any kind. Not even when I steped on a rusty nail.. The only thing I got was skinned up knees and a few scratches here and there. Oh and my cousins and I decided we were going to ride the horse while barefoot.. I was holding the horse and standing up front. THe horse decided she didnt want to be ridden and decided to step on my foot.. I ended up with a broken toe. THat is the worst thing that has happened to me while running around barefoot on a farm.. I even gathered eggs in the coop barefoot. Just try to avoid stepping on the fresh poo..
I ALWAYS go barefoot, cuts or not, chicken poop galore. I just make sure /i wash my feet good before I come in.

If there was something bad, I'm probably immune to it now, and if not, I'll happily take my chances.

I'm barefoot all the time poop or no poop, just wash your feet before you come in. I've even been in the cow yard barefoot kind of squishy but..... I'm the healthyist one in the house. Been doing it all my life and I'm 46

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