No more lonely button


10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
I am so happy to anounce that the single lonely button previously known as bitty betty , Now known as bitty bob is the proud little roo?( are button males called roos) of a little hen he is a happy little man. He no longer sits on her lol like he did when she was smaller but my son has cuaght him in the morning with his little wing over her while they sleep =) I will try and get pictuers but they are pretty anti human now that they found true love lol .Im so glad that the one little egg that hatced turned out to be a girl
That sounds so sweet. I never considered quail, but I was thinking of ordering a hova bator incubator and the offer included 30 bobwhite quail eggs. I thought it might be a fun project to try. What sort of housin is necessary for quail. I think I would need to know this if I were to order the package and before they hatch.
The bobs I hatced wernt all that friendly but they were pretty. I gave them away befor they were full grown but I here they need space Im sure soemoone else will know more. I have 2 buttons in a 10 gallon tank with a mesh top. My jumbo brown are in a huge tub that I cut the top so that most of it is coverd in wire mesh. But I have heard that rabbet hutches and small chicken hutches are ok for them. Again Im sure more people will know more as I just have a few .
I love my buttons but they dont like me much, the jumbo are calmer and just seem to be resigned to being picked up lol not enjoying it but not minding it much ether.
Ill add pictures soon but right now I have chickens going crazy in my liveing room I have to catch

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