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    Sep 28, 2015
    As tears well up in my eyes just thinking of holding him as a young chick... with his little "T" on his head & petting him on his chest, even just a few days ago, as he sat on the roost in the coop I built for them. Yet we did not do enough. He is now gone. Only 6 months old. The first chick we named is gone. Pictured in my profile pic, little 'ol T-Bird was a cool *** bird & I miss him. We buried him yesterday, covered him in rocks & plan to plant flowers in the spring. Call me sympathetic or whatever, but we took on the responsibility to look after him & failed. Was the coop too messy? Was the water not clean enough? Was it all the **** goat poop? Is a 150 linear foot perimeter not enough for 2 mini goats & 10 chickens??? Well 9 chickens now... 8 hens & 1 rooster. I hate to say it but I would rather have lost the other rooster. I just do not know but I am sad. I never thought I'd cry over a chicken but I have & I am. Call me what you want but I'll cry over my animals & kick your *** too. This just sucks... I swear our other roo was looking for his buddy this morning & crowing a sad tune as he had nobody to respond with him. **** it. Sometimes I wish I didn't care.
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    Sep 23, 2015
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    Sorry for your loss
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