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    May 10, 2013
    My only 8 months old isa warren is very sick all of a sudden! They have been laying eggs for the last four months, albeit with a slight drop in production for the last week, but the last two days they all have laid eggs. Today, Saturday, I saw a hen stand alone with her eyes closed, her head pulled back and tail down.
    I could lift her without her making any resistance at all. I could see that her "rear opening" opened and closed so I thought that she had constipation, so she got a little olive oil, but I probably should not have done that because shortly after I found out that she had diarrhea, pretty watery! It would not eat or do anything. The eyes were clear with no signs of infection.

    What can I do to help her survive??[​IMG]
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    Just in case I would consider that she may have cocci. She needs corrid. Feed stores carry it. This can kill rapidly so treat for it and that will give you time to see if it is something else. There are good threads on here about it.
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    If she were mine I would very gently check the inside of her vent for a stuck egg. If I found an egg I would give her fluids, 200mg of calcium and stick her in a warm bathroom full of steam for several hours to and let the calcium and fluids do their work.

    These pictures might help:





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    FWIW, I no longer bathe mine as I have found it way too stressful and the steam method works better for me.


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