NO PEEPING .. hatch day today or tonight.HELP


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Sep 25, 2010

so I had my eggs on lock down for the last few days..and hatch day is today if I did the calulations right.. they have been in since Sept. 14.. so yeah.. * thinking*

I believe hatch day is tonight or early tomorrow..any whom, I don't hear anything.. and I don't want to take the eggs out to do another candle to see if they are still alive.. no moving at all.. no sound .. now what

should I wait? or candle ? any one have any thoughts..
Just wait a few days. If they haven't hatched by the day after tomorrow, you have my permission to start worrying.
I would wait and see what happens. I have hatched many chicks and they don't always peep before hatching. Just wait for the pips, you can wait until day 23 before you should be worried. Were there any temp variations in your bator? If it ran low a few times they may be a little delayed in hatching. Good luck and keep us updated on their progress.
Wait! Unless you want to candle one and risk losing it. I have had them ALL hatch the day after. Some hatched 24 hours after they where supposed to.
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this incubator was running low for a few days.. so I lost 2 from that..
but these 3 were fine, I put them on lock down on Sun. to make sure they can settle and get ready to hatch.. I really hate to lose them soooo close to hatching day.. I will wait.. but i'm soo impatient.. this is my first Silkie batch by my self.. my mentor said I was a big girl and should be able to handle it my self now.. YEAH RIGHT..
i'm more of a nervous wreck now then I was having the incubator at her house
I'm sure they are fine, just keep looking in often. My first hatch I was a nervous wreck(wait I still am every hatch!
) It is an exciting process and if for some reason these three do not hatch, just try again. The great thing about chickens is they only take 3 weeks to hatch. Maybe that is why we all have so many!
This waiting is going to drive me 100% up the wall..

Granted these are my pet only silkies since they are way a way from show quailty,but i excited i hope they make it....
Just try to forget about them, and you'll be fine. Visit Games, Jokes, and Fun! or Random Ramblings while you wait, they'll help distract you.
So I believe I hear tapping on one eggs. but I know not to open the incubator so I'm sitting on my hands literally since I sooo want to open it and look.. but I think I hear tapping.. one egg for sure rolled to the other side of the incubator and is now on the wall.. hope thats okay.. i'm waiting hopefully tonight i will hear more then tapping and have peeping..

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