No quack?


Aug 23, 2019
So I got my duck Popcorn on July 31st, and “he” was probably about 3-5 days old then, which would make “him” about 7 weeks old now, give or take a few days. I thought by this point there would be some sort of quacking but so far nothing but peeps! He isn’t super talkative, but responds to me with peeps when I talk to him and peeps a good amount when excited (about food and treats) or upset (like the first few times putting the diaper on). He is currently a single duck, so wondering if this may be why? But I figured it would be more of a maturity thing when their voice changes. I am unsure whether he’s a duck or drake as I was waiting to hear the “quack” and believe it would be too soon for a drake feather?
Anyone have any ideas?

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