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    We have a 8 year old hen that seems to be healthy, molting at this point, yet earlier this summer, I picked her up and she laid a egg splat on the ground. I assumed that she was eating a egg in the nest box as she has crooked feet and has stepped on a egg and she will clean up the mess. There has been yolk colored mess on the laid eggs, shavings yellow, yet no other eggs are touched. Would this be a diseased reproductive system, old age, or henopause? They eat Layena pellets, small amount of scratch, garden veggies, grass, bugs etc. Also have Oyster Shells available.
    Its not like she needs to be culled, no show of pain and keeps up with the other fine.

    What is your opinion?
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    "Henopause" [​IMG] Has it happend a lot recently or just a time or two?? Even young hens will occasionally lay jello eggs, paper shell eggs, and just the white/yolk. Glitches sometime happen. If it's occurring often though, I would blame it on aging - that maybe her egg organs are just worn out, or diseased, as you suggested. That old gal deserves a few treats if she's recently been giving you eggs on occasion. [​IMG]

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