In the Brooder
May 9, 2015
Griswold Connedicut
Hey, Everyone

I have chicks about a week old and they are noisy.
Very noisy especially at night I mean I know they are suppose to be noisy when chicks but at night?
My dad wonders if he should take the light out or unplug the heating lamp or cover them with a blanket or something to stop them from peeping.

Because I need my sleep because I have school, my brother has school, mom has work and dad has work!

and they are preventing us from getting sleep.

They are all pullets as far as we know.
if any ideas please let me know.

At a week old the chicks still need to be in a warm brooder, which means they need the temperature around 85 degrees F. If you do not have a red colored heat bulb, try to get one, because that is less likely to keep the chicks awake. If they were at room temperature around 70 degrees for eight hours over night that would be bad. A blanket over the box would not be enough to keep them warm at this age. In a couple weeks that might be enough depending how warm the house is at night.
My chicks were pretty noisy until I gave them a stuffed animal to sleep with. They all curl up under and on top of the stuffed dog and are silent until morning. I can't say why it helps but mine constantly wanted attention from me until I distracted them with something else that seemed "motherly". Haha.

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