No wood coop?


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Apr 2, 2015
Hey, can you guys give me some advice? We are going to build/ buy a new coop this summer, but our old one was wood and it
A. Rotted
B. Was hard to clean and
C. Attracted red mite
So we want a coop for about 20 birds that is easy to clean and has nest boxes outside. We have heard about metal ones, plastic ones, brick ones and even a transit can upcycled into a coop:) any ideas about where we could buy one or any advice on how to build a coop? Thanks very much:D
Maybe the problems that you had were not because the coop was wood.

Plastic or metal most likely comes from over seas if you're in North America. Wood is renewable and can come from a local lumber mill, provide what you're looking for, and last a long time.

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