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  1. What kind of noise is normal for the hens because two of my chickens crow alot !
    And my other one had never
    And when they go in to there coop at night one makes a soft little cheep cheep at night when she goes on her roost
    But one when it crows it does it very very loudly

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    Post a picture of your birds, we can give you an idea if it's a hen or not.
    Young hens don't crow as a rule, when you hear of crowing hens it's older, dominant hens.
    My hens make all sorts of noises, and a kind of soft purring noise when I disturb them on the roost at night.
  3. I am constantly amazed at the variety of sounds my flock of pullets make! For the first year I only
    had BRs and then added numerous other standard size heritage breeds and found that each
    individiual breed and often even individuals within the breed will have very disparate voices and

    My favorite is 'the egg song' all of my girls make very loudly - especially the Welsummers - for quite a long time before they lay their egg AND after as well!

    I don't concern myself with their verbalizations - other than inwardly smiling to myself and enjoying them - I do pay attention when I pick up on the 'I'm in distress' noises which are very distinct and
    also vary from breed to breed.
  4. Only one chicken does the egg song but she only does it a couple times thought but when she does do it it's soo loud and when she did it at a random time she scared me do bad because it was so loud
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    When I check the coop at night the hen that is snuggled next to the rooster makes a buzz sound -I get the impression that she's swearing at me in Chicken,lol

  6. Hahahaha
    I want a rooster but its a bylaw that your not allowed roosters in the city here
  7. Okay here are some pics
  8. Same chichen
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    Our rooster has started singing the "Egg Song". And sitting in the nest with the hens -Lamaze coach???
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  10. Oh that's interesting
    I'm wondering is it possible for a hen to turn into a rooster ?

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