Noise tolerence


Mar 22, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, CDA
This is a question about how much noise quails can tolerate. I live in an urban setting and was thinking of getting a few quails to keep in the backyard. I back on to a field and park. Would the quails tolerate normal city noises like a door slaming, the dog next door barking, kids playing, lawnmower .... Things like that. And we occasionally hear fireworks in the summer...
I have lawn mowed directly at my quail all the way up to the wire, with them at ground level, and they just stared at me. You would think a lawnmower coming at your face would be scary. Apparently not.
I'm relieved, I've been reading and researching a lot on quails lately and some comments about stressed out quails had me worried. Thanks for the info.
Mine are in backyard pen with a railroad track 50 yds away. When train comes by they sometimes look up then back to what they are doing. I see no problem at all.
They really aren't too easily phased by noise. We have very loud kids, a cat and a dog that hang out by their coop, and we use the lawnmower right next to them. No biggie.

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